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Years ago, the farmyard was a danger zone occupied by badly behaved animals. Fairy Maime, who lives in the sky discovered the farmyard animals during her adventure on earth. 

She began teaching the talking animals how to behave which seemed very difficult to achieve, Fairy Maime then came up with an idea to use invitation to her cottage to continue her good work on taming the animals.

The leader of the badly behaved animals in the farmyard, Mr Zoom, the pitbull dog tried to stop her invitations.

Did he succeed?

Did the animals get an invitation from the fairy, Maime?

And if they did, what were the animals behaviours like at her cottage?

An Invitation From The Fairy
Children's Book by Ngozika Eze

About Ngozika Eze

Ngozika Eze was born in Birmingham United Kingdom. She is a Zoologist and a Paediatric Nurse and is currently pursuing a career in medicine.


Ngozika began writing age 7, though her mum said it all began at age 5 and said she has a calling in writing fairy tale books. 

Her  ambition is  to write fairytale  books of all time like Beauty and the Beast, Rapunzel, Cinderella and lots more.


Ngozika said that the  unique part of  her  fairytale book is fairy Maime’s ability to switch between different linguistic and physical varieties. However, such orders will have to be made via the website


Fairy Maime can change into different skin colour and can speak different languages. Fairy Maime has a great message for the kids; behaviour as we all know is the key to success in life.


The journey of an invitation from the fairy began far back as 2000. In 2008 it was published by authors house. The children’s book in 2012 was a finalist at the indie book award.

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Ngozika still felt that after years of thought, An Invitation From The Fairy has a lot more to offer.


In 2012 Leila Rasheed, a renowned author made a  recommendation about the children’s fairytale book, An Invitation From The Fairy. Her recommendation meant that the book will have to be split into two parts.

In September 2020, An Invitation From The Fairy was updated in to part 1 and part 2 and published by Absolute Author Publishing House. The author, Ngozika wrote the songs for both parts and sang 'Change' herself as a soundtrack for An Invitation From The Fairy part 2. The website link could be found on this below:

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