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Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Stories that children hear shape their views of the world. Children usually live their lives in a limited environment. Reading stories to children gets them out of that environment to far-flung places, extraordinary people, and educative situations that expand and enrich their worldview. For example, An Invitation From The Fairy takes the children from their confined areas to an adventure in a farmyard of personified animals.

Stories do not just develop children’s literacy; it is a great way of helping children deal with real-life situations. Stories convey values, attitudes, social norms, and beliefs that shape children's view of reality. Research has found that the brain activity that occurs when we read fiction is similar to experiencing the situation in real life. When we read out a situation to children, it helps them to work out how to solve it in reality.

Research shows that children who have fiction stories read to them find it easier to understand people. Such children show more empathy and have a better-developed theory of mind. These children understand that other people have different thoughts and feeling from us. This aspect is essential for understanding and predicting the thoughts and behavior of other people.


Children benefit more when the story is blended with relevant questions about the story. By simply asking them whether they remember what happened in the story can extend their understanding and memory. They can also be asked to try to predict the coming scenes. For example, Ngozika Eze ask the following questions in “An Invitation From The Fairy,”

Did he succeed?

Did the animals get an invitation from the fairy, Maime?

And if they did, what were the animals' behaviors like at her cottage?

Such questions set the young ones thinking hence helping in developing their creativity and problem-solving skills.


In the book “An Invitation From The Fairy,” Ngozika Eze records clever fairy tales that you can read to your child without having to cram the stories. It may be hard trying to remember the old stories to tell to your child. Having a book is a good idea since it even promotes reading skills. get the ebook today click here. This book uses animals in a funny and exciting way to help children know right and wrong behavior during the lockdown.

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great I love this ebook I want to buy but it an error with purchasing the ebook on amazon why?


I think The rabbit,the cat and the ostrich where the most well behaved animals in the farmyard but I felt sorry for the dog and his friends

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